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Disability Visibility Project Twitter Chat

Assisted Suicide, Bioethics, and Disabled Lives

Guest Host: Ing Wong-Ward, Co-Collaborator, Project Value

Monday, September 12, 2016

4 pm Eastern (U.S.)

The Disability Visibility Project is proud to partner with the Co-Collaborators of Project Value in a discussion about assisted suicide, ableism, bioethics, and disabled lives. Ing Wong-Ward, a Co-Collaborator of Project Value, will be the guest host in addition to other Co-Collaborators participating during the Twitter chat.

Project Value launched this past July on Facebook featuring personal stories by disabled Canadians. The six Co-Collaborators of Project Value are Sandra Carpenter, Catherine Frazee, Audrey J. King, Jeffrey Preston, Tracy Odell, and Ing Wong-Ward. Their July 25, 2016 post describes the mission and reason for this video series:

As we enter complex discussion in Canada about doctor-assisted suicide, we worry that Canadians are only getting one side of the disability story – that death is a natural choice for these poor suffering disabled people. But this story doesn’t speak to the experiences of many with disabilities.

This project seeks to explore a different perspective; to share stories and experiences that contradict the narrative that disability is a fate worse than death.

This is about projecting our value.



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