After Recovering From A Mental Breakdown, This Guy Created A Mind Journal To Help Men Deal With Depression


Twenty-nine-year-old Ollie Aplin could have been your regular youngster raring to go. Except that he was not. He suffered from depression and anxiety since a very young age. His mother suffered from bipolar disorder, but it was diagnosed too late. Seven times she tried to commit suicide, and 7 times he saved her. Until she threw him out of the house, so that he couldn’t save her. Soon after, she committed suicide.

Not surprisingly, Ollie went into major depression and anxiety thereafter. There is no easy way to deal with the loss of a parent at a young age. Ollie tried to find refuge in alcohol and drugs as many of us do. A couple of years later, he had a mental breakdown. It was then that his life turned its course as he sought professional help. This led to the development of something called the ‘Mind Journal’. 

He writes on his blog:

In the end I lost my mum to suicide, had a breakdown, suffered with anxiety, panic attacks, crippling headaches and been through a ton of family dramas that make any soap opera look like a nice little holiday. I’ve been through it all and come out the other side. And I put it all down to two things. Realising that asking for help is ok — it doesn’t make you weak, a failure or a traitor. The other is writing in a journal.

What Is The Mind Journal?

Writing down your feelings, or sharing them with a friend or a counselor are one of the best ways to deal with depression or any kind of mental disturbance. And the Mind Journal does exactly that. Ollie talked to psychologists and did a thorough research on dealing with depression and other mental health issues. He came up with a series of questions one needs to ask themselves and whose answers differ according to their situations. The journal includes these questions and a few other tasks to help the modern-day guy deal with contemporary issues. The project allows them to pen down their problems and through the process of writing down find answers and, eventually, peace.

Check it out here

Men Too Suffer From Depression And It’s Time To Acknowledge It

Yes, men too suffer from depression. In a society where boys are told not to cry because it’s not manly, feelings often pile up inside. To feel sad is human; to be dejected is natural, but somehow it’s considered ‘weak’ to give in to your feelings. Why? Don’t we give in to our feelings of happiness, lust, jealousy or hunger? Why is sadness different then? Depression is a very common yet rarely acknowledged condition of the modern world.

In any given moment of crisis, the men of the family are expected to hold back their emotions and function as the protectors of the family. They often end up not talking about their emotional problems and pile them up resulting in depression and anxiety.

Some people take to meditation, some go for a walk, some listen to music. Every person has his own internal strategy to deal with crisis—discover yours and get going.

Have you ever been in depression? What did you do then?

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