An Invitation to Agencies to Participate in MHCC’s Aspiring Workforce Study

To: Community Mental Health and Employment Agencies


I am writing on behalf of the research team for the Mental Health Commission of Canada’s Aspiring Workforce Project. The Aspiring Workforce project is an examination of the existing and innovative practices that help people living with mental illness secure and sustain meaningful employment and/or a sustainable income in Canada. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health undertook the project beginning in 2009, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Toronto and Queen’s University. “Aspiring Workforce” is a term developed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) to describe those people who, due to mental illness have been unable to enter the workforce, or who are in and out of the workforce due to episodic illness, or who wish to return to work after a lengthy period of illness. For further information about the project, please see the information sheet attached to this e-mail.

As part of the project, we would like to learn directly from consumers about their experiences in the workforce. A short questionnaire has been developed for people living with mental illness or who have used mental health services to share their input on entering and/or returning to work, as well as their experiences with disability income support programs. The questionnaire is voluntary and will take between 15 to 30 minutes to complete. It is currently available in English only, however we are working on creating a French version. Please let us know if you would be interested in receiving a copy of the French version once it has been completed.

We are asking community mental health and employment agencies from across Canada for support in circulating the attached PDF version (if for some reason it is not attached to the email you have been forwarded, you may request it via the contact information below) and the link below to the questionnaires within their organizations and networks. Would you and/or your organization be able to assist us with circulation? You can assist us by:

  • Sharing this survey link or a copy of the PDF with your clients
  • Forwarding this e-mail to your network contacts
  • Posting the link to the survey in your organization’s newsletter, listserv, web space, etc.

Please click here to be taken to the survey: Workplace Know How Survey. If you experience any difficulty accessing the survey with this link, please try the two listed at the bottom of this e-mail. If you’re still unable to access the survey or have any questions about the questionnaire or the Aspiring Workforce project, please contact Reena Sirohi at or by phone at (416) 535-8501 x3170.

Thank you very much.


Reena Sirohi, on behalf of the Aspiring Workforce research team

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