Annual General Meeting – November 2015

Thursday November 26, 2015
Call in: 1 866 218-3342 Participant code: 241397

Present: Ellen Cohen Staff Ontario, Clarence Grear Ontario, Joan Edwards-Karmazyn Ontario, April Maksymchuk Ontario, Sandra Dawson BC, Carla Harmer Ontario, Jayne White Alberta, Bryan Howard from Windsor Ontario, Brian Eaton Yukon, Elizabeth Portland NWT, Marilyn Melanson Ontario, Julie Flat Ontario, Krista Grear Ontario,
Regrets: Kenneth Matoush, Steven Torresan, Sarah Bell

Meeting called to order at 2:12pm EST followed by introductions

Review and Approval of the Agenda
Motion to approve agenda as presented
Moved by Jayne, Seconded by April, CARRIED

1. Acceptance of AGM Minutes of 2013-2014 and 2014-2015
Ellen read the minutes of 2013-2014 to the group, other minutes available on the NNMH website
a. Motion to approve the AGM minutes of 2013-2014 as presented
Moved by April, Seconded by Joan, CARRIED
b. Motion to approve the AGM minutes of 2014-2015
Moved by April, Seconded by Clarence, CARRIED

2. New staffing
a. New budget $28,000 down from $57,000, received a grant in Oct 2014 allowed NNMH to hire a youth through a wage subsidy program, as well as a short term IT person to help with website
b. No staff report as this past year, there was no permanent staff, rather we had an active working board
3. Report from the Board of Directors
a. Motion to accept the report from the Board of Directors as presented
Moved by Jayne, Seconded by April, CARRIED
4. Treasurer’s Report
a. Marilyn presented the year-end financial reports, discussion held
b. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report
Moved by Brian, Seconded by Jayne, CARRIED
c. Motion to accept the Audited Report for 2014/2015
Moved by, Seconded by, CARRIED

5. Appointment of Auditing Firm for 2014/2015
a. Motion to re-appoint the firm of Partridge and Iggulden as auditors for the 2015-2016 fiscal year
Moved by Julie, Seconded by Sandra, CARRIED

6. Acceptance of the Slate of Board Members for 2015-2016
a. Ellen thanked April, Prita, Brian who are retiring from the board. Ellen has also stepped down from the board
b. April moves to nominate Steven Torresan as board member, seconded by Clarence, CARRIED
c. Motion to accept Kenneth Matoush (Northern Quebec), Sarah Bell (Winnipeg Manitoba), Clarence Grear (Northern Ontario), Shannon Shepherd (Yukon), Steven Torresan (Ontario) as the board for the 2015-2016 fiscal year
Moved by April, Seconded by Joan, CARRIED

7. Special Resolution of the membership
Approval of the By-laws
New bylaws were developed as a result of the certificate of continuance for the new not-for-profit act
a. Be it resolved that the following by-law Number One of the corporation in its entirety is hereby approved, confirmed and sanctioned by the membership; at the 2014-2015 National Network for Mental Health Annual General Membership Meeting held via teleconference on Thursday November 26, 2015
Moved by Sandra, Seconded by April, CARRIED

Open floor discussion and question/answer period
• Julie suggested that the NNMH focus on discussions/engagements with various levels of government to ensure continued funding
• Seek endorsement of the Council of Canadian with Disabilities (NNMH has seat at this council)
• Engage and work with PSACC
• Currently engaging in open communications with the MHCC
• Suggestions to have NNMH members do the blogs on the website rather than posting those from other bloggers. Ellen mentioned that there is a new web mistress who will be working on these types of issues
• Suggestion for paper newsletters to be able to access and reach out to people who do not have regular access to technology
• Collect and host newsletters from organizations across the country and host/archive on the NNMH website
• Still time to participate in the Shadow report, contact Elizabeth Portman or Eric Fabris with MADD Canada

Motion to adjourn meeting at 3:21 pm EST by April

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