Are you being ‘perfect’ instead of being real?

Mirror on a wall.
What if it was your vulnerability rather than your “faux perfection” that inspired others?

One of the trends I see, first in myself and now in others – especially those of us who want to do the kind of work that I do – is that we are trying to be perfect. And there’s a part of us that knows that we are not perfect – we are perfectly imperfect human beings – and so when we try to be perfect, that part of us that knows we’re not, calls BS.

And when that part of us that calls BS speaks, we feel like a fraud. And when we feel like a fraud, we tend to close down because we know on a deep level that we can’t really help people if we are being a fraud.

And so what happens? We can kill our own dreams by not taking action, because we are not truthfully representing who we REALLY are.

But, the thing is, since NO ONE is perfect – they will FEEL the truth in your authentic sharing of not being perfect and THAT will inspire them FAR more than claiming any kind of spiritual perfection.

Who you naturally are is FAR more inspiring than who you pretend to be.

This is the fact. And what ELSE is cool is when we stop pretending to be someone and just start being ourselves, we are no longer BSing ourselves and so we actually take our power back, instead of giving it away by pretending to be perfect.

And as we start to respect ourselves more, we take more action, and as we take more action grounded in self-respect, really cool things start to happen and a positive cycle of momentum is created.

This is what I mean when I say that your vulnerability is FAR more inspiring than your “faux perfection”. No one is perfect.

And anyone who claims to be is trying to sell you something.

Human beings are moved by authentic emotional sharing, not stoic perfectionism.

For the next 30 days, instead of trying to look good, just share your experience. What you’re going through. Share your insecurities. Let down your wall and let your friends and family know the REAL you. And let anyone go who isn’t down with that.

So, where in your life are you trying to be perfect? Where are you not telling the truth and BSing yourself? Do you want to get your self-respect back? Then TELL the truth!

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