Calling all NNMH Members to a Special Members Meeting Tuesday September 30, 2014



The NNMH Board of Directors
is Calling for a Special Meeting of the Membership
Tuesday September 30th 2014.
1:00 pm est via teleconference
The call in information is
1-866-218-3342;  participant code is #673421.

Corporations Canada has made changes to Canada’s Not for Profit Act (NFP) Act  and in order to be in compliance with the new NFP Act incorporated organizations are required to file papers of continuance. The papers will allow for the continuance of the National Networks corporate status under the provisions of the new Canadian Not for profit act.

At this time the Board of Directors is asking the NNMH voting members to authorize and direct the Board to make application under section 297 of the NFP Act to the Director appointed under the NFP Act for a Certificate of Continuance of the Corporation.


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