National Network for Mental Health is commited to people with disabilities

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All of us at RPLYT are committed to supporting Peer Supporters throughout the COVID_19 Pandemic.

We understand that many people who receive peer support, and in fact many people in our communities, have fears about this virus and what the impact will be; both immediately and long term.

RPLYT’s Commitment to Supporting Peer Supporters

Starting this week and continuing as long as we need to, RPLYT will hold a FREE 1 hour peer support for Peer Supporters on Zoom as well as a Facebook Live session. Continue reading

Julie Lynn Flatt

Saturday, March 29th, 1958 – Monday, December 16th, 2019

It is with great sadness that we say good bye to Julie Lynn Flat! A remarkable woman very proud of her work, Julie fought tirelessly for the mental health field on many levels. She worked with the Canadian Mental Health Association for over three decades as the coordinator of many successful mental health projects across Canada. She had been the voice of these projects as a person with lived experience, and has spoken locally, nationally and internationally on the importance of strengthening the voice and involvement of consumers/persons with lived experience within mental health organizations and the broader mental health sector. Continue reading

DAWN Canada’s research report comes as recently released Statistics Canada data confirms that 24% of women in Canada live with a disability.

More Than A Footnote: A Research Report on Women and Girls with Disabilities in Canada examines in depth longstanding issues women and girls with disabilities face – social exclusion, high rates of violence, poverty and, homelessness, barriers to education and employment and lack of accessible services. Continue reading

Special Meeting of the Membership

Friday March 10, 2017

2 pm eastern

Call in Number

Call in: 1-866-218-3342, Participant Code: 241397



1. Role Call

2. Ratifying the slate of interim board members,

3. Approval of the 2014/2015 meeting minutes

4. approval of the 2015/2016 audit,

5. approval to retain the accounting firm Partridge Iggulden CPA.

6. National Coordinator Update

Meeting called to order at 2:10

In attendance: CJ Grear, Jayne Whyte, Julie Flatt, Bill Pringle, Lise Giroux Beattie, Walter Chan, Carmella Hutcheson, Steven Torresan, Marilyn McGurran, Tasha Rich, Shawna Lagassie, Ellen Cohen

Regrets: May Recollet – Goulais, Sarah Bell, Kenneth Matoush

Welcome and opening remarks from Clarence Grear

Question about the terms of board members.

  • National Coordinator (NC) advised that board members positions are two year positions to a maximum of three consecutive terms according to by-laws ratified 2015 under the Certificate of Continuance of the new NFP act .

Bio’s for new members will be posted on the website – Bill and Marilyn McGurran spoke to their qualifications. May Recollet –Goulais.

Motion: to ratify interim and new board members by Jayne, second by Walter, no abstentions, all in favour

*Approval of AGM 2014-2015 minutes

Corrections needed on the location from Alberta to Saskatchewan, and spelling of Julie Flatt and Jayne Whyte

Motion: to accept the with amendments by Julie second by Carmella, Walter abstains, all else in favour.

*Approval of 2015/2016 audit financial statement and the audit the eight page document circulated prior with agenda

Motion to approve financial statement by Carmella second by Steven, Walter abstains, all else in favour

*Approval to retain accounting firm Partridge Iggulden CPA Members praised the work of the firm and advised that they have been the accounting firm with the NNMH for a number of years.

Motion: made by Carmella to retain Partridge Iggulden CPA Second: by Julie, no abstentions, all in favour.

*Updates from members:

The Alliance Collaborative Project

Ellen provided an update on work with the Alliance, phase 1 report is currently being drafted, and will be forward once the report is approved phase 2 of consultations will begin in the weeks to come. Members were reminded go on line to the Alliance website to participate in the Accessibility and Inclusion survey of the on line survey advised of survey on website and to encourage everyone to fill out.

Ellen advised that she attended both CRPD meetings held in Ottawa. In December and in February the final draft is being completed and will be ready for presentation the end of March with the delegation. Ellen will forward the Draft of the CRPD Shadow report as well as the government’s report.

Carmella updated on DAWN’s work on the CRPD shadow report and the report would be released soon.

Ellen presented a list of issues that are on the radar;

MAID – issue is not forgotten and will require some advocacy discussions about vulnerable people mental health and decisions made by mature adolescence.

CAMHI – Gala fundraiser in addition to membership fees there is an expectation that the member organizations contribute to the gala by purchasing a table and that as a member organizations we are required to attend.

Members reiterated the importance of working together and sharing information about events and issues occurring in your communities and across the country.

CJ called for a motion adjournment the meeting.

Motion: to adjourn by Carmella

25th AGM Slate of Board Members to be Ratified for 2017-2018


Anita Levesque – First term

Representing Media & Communication Director from Ontario

Anita resides in Stoney Creek (Hamilton), Ontario. She is self-employed as a web and graphic designer, since 2005. Anita provides the following services: web design, graphic design, internet marketing, social media marketing and hosting. She is also a photographer, from a hobby to now professional.

Anita is very knowledgeable with mental health based on her lived experience. Her father lived with manic depression (Bipolar) all his life. Because of witnessing violent domestic abuse from her father, her brother now lives with C-PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, her mother lives with C-PTSD and Depression and Anita lives with C-PTSD. Anita’s boyfriend also lives with severe OCD, Clinical Depression, GAD and several personality disorders.

Anita is taking a diploma program in Psychology/Social Work and another diploma program in Counseling Skills. This heightened Anita’s knowledge of mental illness and wanting to help enhance the mental health awareness to everyone.

Sarah Bell – Running for second term

Representing Youth Director from Manitoba

Sarah is a graduate of the Social Service Worker Program from Canadore College in North Bay of which she is very proud. She is completing her second year at university in Winnipeg to obtain her Bachelor degree in Social Work

Sarah has been coping with mental health illness most of her life. She is excited to be on the board bringing a new perspective, new ideas and ways of reaching out to the young people across the country.

By sharing her story Sarah hopes to enlighten other young people who suffer with mental health issues, to understand and gain control of their individual situations. So that they can step out of the dark knowing that there is hope and help for them to achieve their goals.

“We are Still Standing”


Celebrating NNMH’s 25th AGM Meeting


Wednesday December 13th 2017

Call in number: 1-866-218-3342, Participant Code: 241397


Welcome: Role Call

1. Acceptance of the Special Members Meeting March 10, 2017 – (AGM 2015-2016)

2. Report from the National Coordinator

3. Treasurer’s Report

4. Acceptance of Audited Report for 2016/2017

5. Appointment of Auditing Firm for 2017/2018

6. Call to accept the slate of new and standing board members to the board of directors for 2017-2018

7. Introduction to the NNMH Board of Directors

8. Other Business

  • a. National Meetings and Updates
  • b. List of Issues
  • c. Updates from Members

9. . Adjournment

Call for Nominations to the Board of Directors

November 10, 2017

The National Network for Mental Health (NNMH) is holding its Annual General Meeting on Wednesday December 13, 2017 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern.

CALL FOR NEW BOARD MEMBERS:  In accordance with our bylaws, NNMH is looking for board members to represent each of the following provinces and territories:  British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island.

A voting member of the NNMH according to by-law 11. Section ii. Page 5.

Individual – A mental health consumer/survivor / a person with lived personal experience with mental health issues who supports the Articles of the Corporation.  One individual member has one vote per motion at any general membership meeting of the Corporation.

Commitment: The requirements for your participation will include monthly or bi-monthly directors meetings. Time to review all relevant information to make informed decisions on behalf of the organization. A commitment to participate at board/leadership development workshops when required and on committees and events of the NNMH or on behalf of the NNMH. A time commitment between 6 – 20 hours a month, all dependent on your choices to participate.

How to Apply:  Individuals seeking nomination as Directors must supply the following:

1) A paragraph a minimum of 200 words why you seek  election to the board of directors?

2) A biography outlining your personal experience or a resume.

3) A photograph (optional).


Nomination for any of the above positions must be received by December 1, 2017 by 11:59 pm Eastern time and can be forwarded by email to;  [email protected]  or regular mail to;


National Network for Mental Health

PO Box 1539 Station Main St.

Catharines, ON. L2R 7J9

Notice of Annual General Meeting

NNMH is Celebrating our 25th Anniversary


Via teleconference

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017


Board of Directors and the Staff invite you to attend The National Network for Mental Health’s Annual General Meeting. Celebrating 25 years as the only national non-diagnostic consumer driven mental health organization in Canada.


The National Network for Mental Health plays a pivotal role in bridging the Mental Health Community to the larger Consumer Disability Movement. We are committed to networking and capacity building to cultivate, strong leadership, effective networks, strong partnerships, and inclusive collaborations. It is only through strong leadership, commitment and membership, that we can affect change for the mental health and disability community and Canadians across the Pan Canadian landscape.


CALL FOR NEW BOARD MEMBERS:  In accordance with our bylaws, NNMH is looking for board members to represent each of the following provinces and territories: British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island. Nomination for any of the above positions must be received by December 1, 2017 by 11:59 pm Pacific time and can be forwarded by email to;   [email protected]  or regular mail to;


National Network for Mental Health

PO Box 1539 Station Main St.

Catharines, ON. L2R 7J9


Individuals seeking nomination as Directors must supply the following:

A paragraph why you seek  election to the board of directors?

A biography outlining your personal experience or a resume.

A photograph (optional).


The agenda, for the AGM and other related document will be sent via email and posted  on line by December 4, 2017 at [email protected]


Hope you can join us !

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