National Network for Mental Health is commited to people with disabilities


By Anita Levesque

On September 12, 2016, I went to listen to former NHLer Clint Malarchuk speak for the World Suicide Prevention Day.  He touched on his medication and drinking, how he mixed the two and how it affected his mental illness, himself, his family and his suicidal thoughts.

I do know, from personal experience from loved ones, how important it is NOT to mix alcohol and or drugs and certain medications when you live with a mental illness. Continue reading

Blair Crawford

Finding treatment can mean a cruel choice for those who need help with both mental illness and addiction.

“We put them in a bind,” says Dr. Raj Bhatla, chief of psychiatry at The Royal Ottawa Hospital. “They have to make a choice. Do they get treatment for, say, their anxiety disorder, then for their addiction, or do they treat the addiction first and leave their mental illness?

“It’s completely unfair.” Continue reading