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When I was diagnosed with depression, I was just 15 years old. It wasn’t something I talked about. It wasn’t something even my family talked about. And my friends? Well, my friends had no idea I was suffering: I never told them I had a mental illness because I was afraid and ashamed. Because I believed the stigma was real, and that my mental illness was a mental deficiency. I believed my mental illness was “all in my head.” And I felt this way for years.

An entire decade passed before I spoke up. Continue reading

These too-often-believed myths can be harmful to you and your loved ones. Find out the facts from experts and women so you can help fight stigma and stay well.​

When Annie Powell, 35, was in the midst of a 72-hour manic episode in February 2013, she felt like Superwoman: productive and energetic. “I went to the gym for a 5:30 a.m. class, worked all day, came home and went to the gym again with my family. Then, I stayed up all night and organized my office, worked more, cleaned the house and did laundry,” says Annie.

Once the two-plus days ended, however, she crashed and fell into a deep depression. “I sat in the basement and stared at the wall for hours,” says Annie.  Continue reading

When listening to Brian Wilson’s “God Only Knows,” reading a Virginia Woolf novel or learning Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, you might think of individuals who have stretched the boundaries of what humans are capable of in this life.

For such works, it’s easy to put their creators on a very distant shelf, far away from the every day. These people were geniuses, after all. They had higher IQs, unworldly talents and fate lined up in their pockets. Didn’t they?

But while these highly creative individuals have mothered lasting discoveries and creations, what is less noted may be their struggle behind closed doors.

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Most people consider anxiety and depression to be forms of mental illness. When you think of an illness, what comes to mind? Disease? Virus? Infection? Something you catch, right?

And if you’re “infected,” then you’re a victim of a nefarious agent.

But by definition, a victim is someone who is powerless. You are NOT powerless!

What we call something is very important. Words not only shape the way we think and feel about emotional struggle, but most importantly, how we deal with it. Continue reading


HALIFAX – It’s a quandary for health-care professionals that has caught the attention of experts across the country: should family members and loved ones be told about a patient’s struggle with mental-health issues?

Nova Scotia is reviewing the rules around the disclosure of information under its health privacy laws after a grieving mother appeared at the legislature last month.

Carolyn Fox of Halifax partially blamed the laws in Nova Scotia for her lack of knowledge about her 21-year-old daughter Cayley’s battle with depression. The young university student took her own life in January following three trips to the hospital emergency by ambulance last year — all but one without her mother’s knowledge. Continue reading

BENGALURU: On a motorcycle trip through India last year, David Liano learnt about actor Deepika Padukone’s Live Love Laugh Foundation for Mental Health.  Having seen members of his family suffer anxiety attacks, depression and bipolar disorder, David decided to support the Foundation’s cause. And how.

On May 12, the Mexican mountaineer scaled the Mount Everest for the sixth time. This time, however, the climb was different on two counts:  He climbed without oxygen and he carried the Bengaluru-based NGO’s banner to the summit. Continue reading
By Amanda Loudin

At the age of 16, Heather Troupe received a diagnosis of chronic severe depression and a prescription for an antidepressant. Eight years and 20 pounds later, she was sleeping poorly, felt a lot of anxiety and had lost her therapist because of insurance complications. Looking to “fix herself,” as Troupe, of Knoxville, Tenn., put it, she began using an elliptical machine every day at the gym, hoping to sweat away what was ailing her. Continue reading

You’re probably already aware of the fact that depression can have a big effect on your mental health and lead to a wide array of physical problems that may affect everything from your heart to your immune system.

Now a new study has warned that depression may lower your chances of getting pregnant too.

Women suffering from severe depression may hamper a woman’s likelihood of becoming pregnant, the novel study has found. Whether or not women are taking psychotropic medications for depression, dealing with this mental disorder can lower their chances of motherhood, it found. Continue reading

Workaholics, take note! You may be more prone to psychiatric symptoms such as depression and anxiety, researchers including one of Indian-origin have warned.

Scientists examined the associations between workaholism and psychiatric disorders among 16,426 working adults.

“Workaholics scored higher on all the psychiatric symptoms than non-workaholics,” said Cecilie Schou Andreassen from University of Bergen in Norway. Continue reading