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In a blog about Brain Awareness Month, NIMH Director Thomas Insel talks about the complexity of the brain and challenges ahead for research to understand it.

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Youth Group is a rock band based in Newtown, Sydney, Australia. As of 2012, the band is signed to Ivy League Records. The band has released four albums in Australia, with the three latest albums gaining worldwide release.

Raison D'etre: 
The group met with the aim to end world hunger
Type of Team: 
Team Stars: 
Toby Martin
Australian singer-songwriter, musician, academic, and lecturer at New York University Sydney.
Patrick Matthews
former bass guitarist of Australian garage rock band The Vines and currently the bass guitarist of Youth Group. In 1994 Matthews founded The Vines with vocalist and lead guitarist Craig Nicholls.
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The goal of this initiative is to estimate population prevalence of rare variants associated with neurodevelopmental disorders using very large, unselected populations (epidemiologic cohorts), and conduct in-depth clinical assessments of variant carriers to determine penetrance, range of associated phenotypes, and genotype-by-environment interactions.

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