National Network for Mental Health is commited to people with disabilities

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A recent program on CTV W5 took a look at rising suicide rates among University students.The show reported that students are generally younger, overwhelmed…

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Retailers have withdrawn the mental health-related costumes, but there is still a lot of work to do.

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Okay, I’ve had it. It’s 11am on a Wednesday and I’m digging through the bottom of my closet looking for pennies to roll to take to the bank this afternoon.

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In mid-July, my psychiatrist broke bad news to me like a bad joke: “So, did you talk to your family doctor yet?” “….About what?” “Getting a new psychiatrist.” “WHAT!?”

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Almost everyone is living like this tree.  Breath is our primary form of nourishment, but we don't breathe well.  Water and food fuel everything we do inside and out, but we generally eat poorly and addictively. 

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NIMH’s Jay Giedd discusses brain scan research with Alan Alda in the two-episode PBS documentary “Brains on Trial.”

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