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A new review suggests cannabis may help mental health disorders

Legal access to marijuana, medicinal or otherwise, is growing. In 2016, four states approved recreational use of the drug and four states passed laws related to medical-cannabis access, bringing the total number of states that allow some form of legal marijuana use to 28.

Scientists know that marijuana contains more than 100 compounds, called cannabinoids, that have biological effects on the body. Medically, cannabis can be prescribed for physical ailments like arthritis and cancer symptoms as well as mental health issues like PTSD, depression and anxiety. Continue reading


The mental-health system for treating military personnel and veterans will undergo a sweeping overhaul to better care for them from boot camp through their retirement years, Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan has revealed.

Top-ranking officials in Defence and Veterans Affairs are looking at “creating a new structure that’s going to not just look after the veteran at the end but start with keeping our soldiers healthy when they’re in the military,” Mr. Sajjan said in an interview with The Globe and Mail. Continue reading

OTTAWA – Three leading mental health organizations want provincial and territorial health ministers to be open to targeted federal investments.

In a letter, the heads of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the Canadian Mental Health Association note that billions of dollars are spent on health, but only seven per cent goes to mental health. Continue reading

Search for “stress”, “depression”, “anxiety”, or “mental health” in the app store on your mobile device and you are confronted with a bewildering array of options. Some apps claim to track your mood over time, while others claim to “cure” your mental ill health with hypnosis.

Apps hold amazing potential as mental health and wellbeing tools. You can carry them everywhere, engage with them in real time as you’re experiencing distress, and interact with them in a completely different way to other self-help tools. But it is important to know which apps you can rely on for good support, and which might even do you harm. Continue reading

For those caring for youth with social, emotional and behavioral challenges, it’s easy to feel alone. The Children Come First Conference Nov. 16-17 in the Wisconsin Dells is an opportunity for caregivers to connect with each other and learn from experts on children’s mental health.

As USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin’s Kids in Crisis series has shown, Wisconsin has high rates of youth dealing with mental health challenges that are often unaddressed. According to a 2015 survey, more than half of adolescents who had major depressive episodes did not receive treatment for depression. The youth suicide rate is among the highest in the nation. Continue reading

Mental health advocates are urging the federal government to make mental illness a priority in a new health accord with the provinces and territories.

OTTAWA—The Trudeau government is being urged to make mental health a top priority as it negotiates a new health accord with the provinces and territories.

Dr. Catherine Zahn, president of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, says mental illness afflicts some 6.7 million Canadians — roughly 20 per cent of the population — and costs the economy an estimated $51 billion each year. Continue reading

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New Delhi: A good health means you are fit both physically and mentally. But we often tend to neglect our mental health in front of our physical health.

It is very important to take care of your mental health as to function well in the daily life. One can maintain a healthy mind by making simple changes in their lifestyle.

Here are some ways to look after your mental health: Continue reading

Health minister has ‘hope’ funding for home care will be in budget, but can’t say for sure

Health Minister Jane Philpott says her government is prepared to make mental health a big priority, but she will not be writing a blank cheque to the provinces and territories until she knows how it will be spent.

Philpott made the comments in Ottawa a day after meeting the provincial health ministers in Toronto to discuss the future of health-care funding in Canada. Continue reading

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The Halton Region Health Department is eyeing changes to the way it delivers mental health services in Halton schools.

It’s looking to shift funding and resources that support individuals in schools experiencing mental health issues to enhance early years mental health promotion.

Halton Medical Officer of Health Dr. Hamidah Meghani told Halton Region’s health and social services committee members Tuesday (Oct. 4) the mental health programs and services it delivers to schools comes in two parts; mental health promotion that’s mandated by the Ontario Public Health Standards and funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and individual mental health services the Health Department has been providing for a number of years through public health nurses. Continue reading

By Natalie Paddon

A janitor at a Hannon North facility opts to break up his workday into chunks.

He’ll clean for an hour or so at the plaza that houses the headquarters for the Rainbow’s End Community Development Corporation, before taking a break to put on some coffee and read the newspaper.

It’s not a routine that would work for all employers, but these types of allowances for workers are often made by the charitable group. Continue reading