I wrote a bit for Dear Stranger- letters on the subject of happiness

A gigantic THANK YOU! for all your comments and reblogs on my last post.  What a lovely response.  I feel like I should follow it up but I’m still one lap short so consigned to my phone.

So instead, I thought I’d give you a heads up about:


Dear Stranger is a compilation of specially written letters on the subject of happiness. Such excellent people as Marian Keyes and Caitlin Moran have contributed, and all profits go to Mind.

I’ve also contributed with something I think is a bit odd (and written in the hormonal, angsting fugue of the overdue pregnancy) but which other people assure me isn’t too weird and is actually quite good. Hooray!

It’s about something I wrote about here, too. My fear that my mentalism would blot out my wedding day and that I’d have to be pushed up the aisle like a chess piece. And how that jellyfishing, stretchy depression gradually shrank over the next few months.

It’s on July 2nd- you can get your copy here.

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from The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive http://ift.tt/1U3p3y5

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