October 2017 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Conference Call

Meeting Minutes

Date: Friday October 27th 2017

  1. Welcome & roll call

Bill P, Steven T, CJ Grear, Sarah B.

Regrets: Marilyn McGurran, May R

Meeting started at 4:12 eastern

Steven offered to chair the meeting and welcomed everyone                    .

  1. Approval of the agenda
  • Steven motioned for approval of the agenda – Bill seconded
  1. Approval of the minutes for August 16, 2017
  • CJ motioned to approve the minutes and seconded by Steven
  1. Budget and finances review – Marilyn McGurran
  • Marilyn Melanson, Marilyn McGurran, and Ellen met on October 17th to discuss the audit and go over the balance sheets. The audit will be downloaded on line this coming week. Finance meetings will be held the third week of the month, Ellen advised the meeting is open to any board member interested.
  1. Changes to the Executive Committee positions:
  • Board member participation: Ellen reminded the board that members are required to attend board meetings and once an structure is in place participate on committees. To send regrets and respond to requests via email.
  • Request to make changes to the optional positions: After review of the information our by-laws state that the three board positions are appointed based on expertise and does not require a by-law change.
  1. Date for the 25th Annual General Meeting
  • The date for the AGM will be December 13, 2017 at 3pm eastern
  • Our official launch of our website will be at the AGM call
  1. NNMH Moving forward
  • We are part of a collaborative with the Canadian Centre for Disability Studies, & DAWN Canada. The proposal was approved and the proposal and the obligation for all the partners is outlined.
  • Letter to Kenneth: Ellen spoke to Kenneth who advised that he is resigning from the board of directors. Ellen requested that he forward the resignation in writing. To date he has not sent his resignation by email. At this point the board will accept the verbal resignation. Bill made a motion to accept Kenneth’s verbal resignation CJ seconded
  1. Updates
  • New Minister for Sports and Disability and Minister of Health
    Kent Heir is the new minister of Sports and Disabilities.
    James Vanraltee has been moved to head up another area working with the new legislation being developed.
  • Alliance – Accessibility and Inclusion Consultations and report: Ellen advised that we have received the final payment for the Alliance project and it was extended be finalized by November.Ellen was required to work on restructuring and formatting the report. She advised that she would put hours in for the work she has done on the report given the hours worked the report.
  • CAMIMH – Faces Meeting in Ottawa went well it was a day of lobbying and Ellen had the opportunity to meet the Kent Heir and spoke with other MPs and Senators and Ministers
  • CRPD meeting – Ottawa in December: Ellen’s expenses will be covered by CCD because she is on the executive of the CCD.
  • AGM for Addiction and Mental Health Ontario is being held November 6th and 7th 2017
  1. Other Business:
  • Spoke with eAccessibility regarding testing and corrections for our website in order to launch the website the provided a quote of 500 per month to monitor provide ongoing testing checking. Anita’s Web Design for testing and correcting the site for a total of $1000. Ellen advised that work needs to be done. As for the ongoing testing Ellen advised that there are people with in the CCD community who would be happy to help out with the testing for the NNMH. CJ made a motion to accept the quote from Anita’s Web Design seconded by Sarah.
  1. Next Meeting November 24th 2017 at 4pm eastern

Next finance meeting is November 14, 2017 at 4 pm eastern

  1. Adjournment 5:20 Motion to adjourn CJ

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