Website Launch Announced – Help NNMH update our membership information

Please help us develop current membership information by  signing up as a member on this new website, even if you signed up on our previous website.   Your information is always confidential, we do not share this information with any other organization, and privacy rights are strictly observed.  Many thanks for doing this!

This new website launch represents the results of an extensive review of the original website in order to find ways that would create an attractive, updated design and a more user-friendly and interactive tool. We hope that you will find this the case.

We hope you will try some of the new elements:

  • Survey question
  • Subscription option
  • Blogs & news of interest in “From the Grassroots Up”
  • Purchase anything you like through our site’s section (NNMH receives a percentage of each purchase)
  • Regal Catalogue (another place to shop while helping out the NNMH – we receive a percentage of each purchase)
  • Members’ information and more…..

This is a first step to improving the usability of the site. The NNMH is a virtual organization and this will be our main avenue for keeping in touch with our membership. Although the site isn’t everything we wanted due to budget constraints, we feel it represents our organization as a welcoming portal to find information and reduce the isolation that many of us feel.  We hope you agree that it is a beautiful and welcoming site with many more features than we had before. We will continue to solicit your feedback to ensure the site stays as updated and relevant as we can. We welcome your feedback at

We are doing our best to ensure our francophone friends and members have access to a fully translated site.  This may be slow-going over the next while as we have limited resources.  Please be patient.  We’re doing the best we can.

This is a website that will take us forward into the next phase of the organization. Come join us – become a member!  Let’s strengthen our movement so that it is stronger than ever.

Thank you for your patience and ongoing support. We need you!

Julie L. Flatt

National Executive Director

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