Robin Williams’ death: A reminder that stigma is alive and well

You’ve heard the comments made by @ShepNewsTeam regarding Williams’ death…’coward’ he said. The comment was made while paying tribute to Williams. What???!!! I wonder if he knew the social media storm that would ensue. He later apologized, but no matter.  Just another reminder that we still have so much work to do.  In my review of the media coverage I came across a perfect response to Shep’s comments. Megan shares a text she received from her mom on the eve of her birthday (image below), the day after Williams’ death. 
I’ll show @ShepNewsTeam this text I got from Mom at midnight, a woman who didn’t think I’d see another birthday:
Coward my a** Shep. The struggle is real and hard and persists.  And it is up to all of us to make it possible for others to reach out for help when they need it.   


via mindyourmind: reach out, give help, get help

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