Special Meeting of the Membership Minutes March 2017

Special Meeting of the Membership

Friday March 10, 2017

2 pm eastern

Call in Number

Call in: 1-866-218-3342, Participant Code: 241397



1. Role Call

2. Ratifying the slate of interim board members,

3. Approval of the 2014/2015 meeting minutes

4. approval of the 2015/2016 audit,

5. approval to retain the accounting firm Partridge Iggulden CPA.

6. National Coordinator Update

Meeting called to order at 2:10

In attendance: CJ Grear, Jayne Whyte, Julie Flatt, Bill Pringle, Lise Giroux Beattie, Walter Chan, Carmella Hutcheson, Steven Torresan, Marilyn McGurran, Tasha Rich, Shawna Lagassie, Ellen Cohen

Regrets: May Recollet – Goulais, Sarah Bell, Kenneth Matoush

Welcome and opening remarks from Clarence Grear

Question about the terms of board members.

  • National Coordinator (NC) advised that board members positions are two year positions to a maximum of three consecutive terms according to by-laws ratified 2015 under the Certificate of Continuance of the new NFP act .

Bio’s for new members will be posted on the website – Bill and Marilyn McGurran spoke to their qualifications. May Recollet –Goulais.

Motion: to ratify interim and new board members by Jayne, second by Walter, no abstentions, all in favour

*Approval of AGM 2014-2015 minutes

Corrections needed on the location from Alberta to Saskatchewan, and spelling of Julie Flatt and Jayne Whyte

Motion: to accept the with amendments by Julie second by Carmella, Walter abstains, all else in favour.

*Approval of 2015/2016 audit financial statement and the audit the eight page document circulated prior with agenda

Motion to approve financial statement by Carmella second by Steven, Walter abstains, all else in favour

*Approval to retain accounting firm Partridge Iggulden CPA Members praised the work of the firm and advised that they have been the accounting firm with the NNMH for a number of years.

Motion: made by Carmella to retain Partridge Iggulden CPA Second: by Julie, no abstentions, all in favour.

*Updates from members:

The Alliance Collaborative Project

Ellen provided an update on work with the Alliance, phase 1 report is currently being drafted, and will be forward once the report is approved phase 2 of consultations will begin in the weeks to come. Members were reminded go on line to the Alliance website to participate in the Accessibility and Inclusion survey of the on line survey advised of survey on website and to encourage everyone to fill out.

Ellen advised that she attended both CRPD meetings held in Ottawa. In December and in February the final draft is being completed and will be ready for presentation the end of March with the delegation. Ellen will forward the Draft of the CRPD Shadow report as well as the government’s report.

Carmella updated on DAWN’s work on the CRPD shadow report and the report would be released soon.

Ellen presented a list of issues that are on the radar;

MAID – issue is not forgotten and will require some advocacy discussions about vulnerable people mental health and decisions made by mature adolescence.

CAMHI – Gala fundraiser in addition to membership fees there is an expectation that the member organizations contribute to the gala by purchasing a table and that as a member organizations we are required to attend.

Members reiterated the importance of working together and sharing information about events and issues occurring in your communities and across the country.

CJ called for a motion adjournment the meeting.

Motion: to adjourn by Carmella

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