Special Meeting of the Membership



Special Meeting of the Membership

Friday March 10, 2017

At the Annual General Membership Meeting on December 7, 2016 the business of the National Network for Mental Health could not be accomplished because quorum could not be established. At the board meeting held  January  22, 2017 a motion was made to convene a Special Meeting of the Membership.

We invite you to participate in this special members meeting to ratify the business of the NNMH that could not be ratified at the AGM due to a lack of quorum.

The meeting will be held on the Friday March 10, 2017 at 2:00 pm eastern.

The business on the agenda will include:

  • Ratifying the slate of interim board members,
  • Approval of the 2014/2015 meeting minutes
  • approval of the 2015/2016 audit,
  • approval to retain the accounting firm Partridge Iggulden CPA.


The NNMH has served as a strong voice advocating from the grass roots for psycho/social disabilities.  We have been working tirelessly to engage people from across Canada with personal knowledge and expertise to deliver a collective voices that reflect the principals of inclusion,  and respect for each person’s individuality as we work together to find “common ground”.

 Through strong leadership, commitment and membership, together we can affectchanges to mental health system across our pan national landscape.

Thank you,

Ellen Cohen

National Coordinator
National Network for Mental Health

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