How to find a good app for mental health Search for “stress”, “depression”, “anxiety”, or “mental health” in the app store on your mobile device and you are confronted with a bewildering array of options. Some apps claim to track your mood over time, while others claim to “cure” your mental ill health with hypnosis. Apps hold amazing potential as mental health and READ MORE

Tackling Workers’ Mental Health, One Text at a Time Employers are turning to counseling services that can be accessed on smartphones Companies want employees to seek mental-health treatment when needed, so they are turning to a tool already in workers’ pockets: their smartphones. As employers seek to reduce the costs of untreated mental illness among staffers, more companies are trying mobile apps that READ MORE

Mental-health apps work Therapy apps have been coming ever since the invention of the smart phone. Really, since the Internet age began, so it’s been simply a matter of time before we figured out how to do mental-health care online. Today, there are a growing number of apps and websites offering various forms of therapy for mental-health issues. READ MORE