Sophie Grégoire Trudeau lends voice in support of mental health awareness Rare is the woman or young girl who hasn’t heard that negative voice in her head telling her she’s not pretty enough, skinny enough, or good enough. “What is the conversation that everybody here in the room has with herself or himself when you are in silence, when no one is looking?” Sophie Grégoire READ MORE

Eating disorders ignored by mental health programs By LEORA PINHAS, and MAGGIE THISTLE Not a single question was asked about the potentially fatal mental health issue in a major Ontario survey The results of a major biennial Ontario mental health survey released last month failed to include any data on eating disorders, a life-threatening group of disorders that are common only READ MORE

Deadly disorder: Why is chronic anorexia so hard to treat? Up to 20 per cent of people who develop anorexia will have chronic course, with distinct treatment challenges and high mortality rates The dizzying combination of side effects hit Lisa Sheinfeld like clockwork. Two hours after she’d taken her usual amount of laxatives on an autumn afternoon last year, the 42-year-old Thornhill mother of READ MORE

When ‘Fussy’ Eating Becomes A Disorder Getting ready for a black tie award ceremony she was hosting, Sarah Lyons*, had already prepared her cheese sandwiches and tucked them away in her clutch. White bread, margarine and Red Leicester in rectangular halves. She does this every time she goes somewhere unfamiliar, where she’s not sure what will be on the menu. READ MORE