Positive benefits of sport and looking after your mental fitness

Joe Donnelly. wellness, exercise, sports, yoga, stress relief, self care and coping. Mental & health & coping. Positive Benefits of Sport Positive Attitude Enhanced self-confidence and positive selfbelief Development of Good Communication skills Making Boundaries/ Setting Limits together Strong sense of community/belonging Opportunities to socialise in a safe environment Reduced feelings of anxiety and increased READ MORE

Food, finances & eating disorders

Nina Savelle-Rocklin and Psy.D.. eating disorder, anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. Mental Health & Coping. This blog is reposted with permission from the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA). Do you overspend and overeat? Deprive yourself of possessions as well as of meals?   If so, there may be a connection between how you spend money READ MORE

Holiday loss

Adrienne. life experience, grief and loss, relationship, family, wellness, coping and self care. Mental Health & Coping. The holiday season is by far my favorite time of year. I absolutely adore seeing the strings of lights cascading down the city streets. Trying to find the perfect gift for each family member gives me so much READ MORE

Alyssa Reid

musicians body image, wellness, coping, self care, stress relief, self-esteem, relationship and dating. Twenty-one year old Canadian pop singer, Alyssa Reid, recently graduated from her Brampton Ontario high school where she was a dedicated player on the girl’s rugby team and until recently she poured coffee part time at a local Tim Hortons to scrape READ MORE

Dear ‪#‎ivegotyourback911

Ian Bell. getting help, helping others, hospital, life experience, employment, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, behaviour, acceptance, avoidance, stigma, awareness, prevention, wellness, self care and coping. Mental Health & Coping and Stigma Reduction. Dear ‪#‎ivegotyourback911 I know we communicated briefly the other day, but as I have watched momentum grow on your page, I felt like READ MORE

Who is taking care of those who care for us?

Keara. getting help, crisis, suicide, helping others, hospital, stigma, awareness, prevention, wellness, self care, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. Mental Health & Coping, Society Today and Stigma Reduction. Taking care of others can take a huge emotional toll. For first responders (paramedics, police officers, firefighters) this is especially true. Since April 2014 there have READ MORE

Youtubers: What are they good for? Lots.

ML. life experience, accomplishment, youth and personal growth. Society Today. Youtubers. Celebrities online.  Self promoters and brand ambassadors. Content creators and story tellers.    Youtubers abound and for many of you, these are people that you check in with on a daily basis.     Why? Entertainment or inspiration or both?    In 2011, twin READ MORE

JOIN US for a Tweet Chat on December 4th

Maria Luisa Contursi. youth and partnership. Society Today. On December 4th we will be live tweeting during the “Youth Voices: The role of youth-adult dialogue in improving health outcomes for young Canadians” symposium with one of our partners, Astra Zeneca’s Young Health Program.  The focus of the day will be to explore the many benefits READ MORE