Beauty standards beware

Adrienne. self-esteem and body image. Society Today and Mental Health & Coping. Every day we are bombarded with pictures of celebrities and models airbrushed with Photoshop. It’s no secret that the media has been notorious for supporting unrealistic beauty ideals. Women with every “flaw” edited into oblivion, their bodies contorted into proportions that couldn’t even READ MORE


musicians relationship, dating, wellness, self care, life experience, personal growth and accomplishment. Wovenwar features members of metal band As I Lay Dying: Jordan Mancino (drums), Nick Hipa (guitar), Phil Sgrosso (guitar), Josh Gilbert (bass) and Shane Blay (vocals) of Oh, Sleeper. After As I Lay Dying disbanded due to former lead vocalist Tim Lambesis being incarcerated, the band was committed to moving on and having READ MORE

Bluenotes takes offensive t-shirt seriously and takes a stance against bullying

Corina Morrison. bullying, life experience, stigma, awareness, prevention, youth and high school. Society Today and Mental Health & Coping. Guelph Anti-Bullying Coalition headed up by Lynne MacIntyre was out doing some Back to School shopping with her 14 year old daughter a couple of weeks ago.  They stopped into the very popular Bluenotes store looking READ MORE

The Plighted Mind

Lauren anxiety, generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, life experience, divorce, relationship, family, getting help, counselling, medication, therapy, treatment and resilience. It’s always hard to know where to start. So much has happened over my 20 years of suffering that the complication of the disorders I experience seem too much to put into words. But READ MORE

Complete this survey to help shape youth advocacy work

mindyourmind. research, youth and wellness. Announcements. The Lancet Commission on Adolescent Health and Wellbeing believes that youth have a voice and can make meaningful contributions to health policies and programs, both locally and globally. While the Commission already includes two youth leaders, to ensure that the perspectives of a broad range of youth from around the world READ MORE