Meeting Announcement » Society for Neuroscience 2015 Symposium Brain Stimulation Based Neural Circuit Modeling: Linking levels of analysis

This symposium will bring together basic neuroscientists, computational modelers, and clinical investigators to discuss how to integrate large-scale computational modeling with translational neuroscience, in order to increase our understanding of how to improve the rhythmic interactions of networks by non-surgical brain stimulation and enhance cognitive capabilities in clinical disorders. via NIMH | Recent Updates READ MORE

Blog Post » The Brain’s Critical Balance

The BRAIN Initiative is supporting scientists aiming to understand how the 86 billion neurons in the brain act together to enable consciousness and behavior. Dr. Insel gives a snapshot of recent work and its implications for understanding normal and disordered brain function. via NIMH | Recent Updates READ MORE

Blog Post » Viewing the STARRS Data

Last week, two important research events unfolded without fanfare and without headlines. June 30 marked the end of the first phase of Army STARRS, the largest study of mental health risk and resilience ever conducted among military personnel. July 1 marked the release of Army STARRS data for use by the broad scientific community. via READ MORE

Concept Clearance » Improving Outcomes Associated with Mental Health First Aid

The goal of this initiative is to further the evidence base for Mental Health First Aid (MHFA), a widely disseminated mental health course in which non-mental health professionals are trained to identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness, in order to facilitate early detection and intervention. Despite wide dissemination, there is little evidence of READ MORE