How mental health should be taught in Canadian schools By Carmen Chai Measuring success for Stacey De Souza’s students isn’t as conventional as getting an A on a test, making the basketball team or graduating from high school. Major wins for her students include leaving the house to take public transit to school or finishing a semester — or even a week or READ MORE

What obsessive-compulsive disorder in kids looks like in school By Valerie Strauss People with obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD, suffer from unwanted and intrusive thoughts that they can’t seem to get out of their heads, called obsessions, which often compel them to perform ritualistic behaviors and routines, or compulsions, over and over to try to ease their anxiety. Children and teens may not realize they READ MORE

Taking care of back-to-school mental health Henry D. Gerson, MD, Special to the Ithaca Journal Changes to schedules and diet, as well as being away from family, can bring a lot of stress to college students A student’s first few weeks on campus include excitement and new opportunities, but it is also a time that brings a lot of stress. READ MORE