Men much less likely to seek mental health help than women Huge survey shows gender gap and the need for ‘cultural shift’ says charity chief Men are far less likely to seek medical support for a mental health problem than women, new figures reveal. A survey commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation found that not only are men far less likely than women to seek READ MORE

Are you a workaholic? You might be more likely to suffer from OCD, anxiety and depression By Nicole Bogart If you are guilty of putting in extra hours at the office, compulsively checking your work email, or allowing your life to constantly revolve around work, you may be more likely to suffer from psychiatric disorders like depression, according to a new study. READ MORE

After age 40, volunteering linked to enhanced mental health By Kathryn Doyle (Reuters Health) – Volunteer work may be good for your mental wellbeing, but only after age 40, according to a new study. “There is a general consensus that volunteering is beneficial to everyone regardless of the age,” said lead author Dr. Faiza Tabassum of Southampton Statistical Sciences Research Institute at the READ MORE

Mental Illness: Talk About It More, Not Less How important are the words we choose to use when we speak to one another? Exceedingly important — and not just from a grammarian’s point of view. Science also tells us so. Research out of Stanford has proven that the words a person uses affect the way that person thinks. Now, turns out the READ MORE