Mental health care a priority for Liberals, but no blank cheques for the provinces, says Philpott Health minister has ‘hope’ funding for home care will be in budget, but can’t say for sure Health Minister Jane Philpott says her government is prepared to make mental health a big priority, but she will not be writing a blank cheque to the provinces and territories until she knows how it will be READ MORE

‘It was a big dirty secret’: Suicide attempt survivor, 28, shares her struggle of dealing with a mental illness By LAUREN INGRAM FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA Stefani Caminiti is like many young women her age: she’s studying, working, and planning her wedding to her fiance. She also has, like more than four million Australians, been diagnosed with a mental illness or behavioural problem. The 28-year-old from Perth has lived with depression and anxiety READ MORE

Why Starbucks Canada’s investment in mental health therapy matters For many Canadians struggling with mental-health issues, therapy isn’t an option. Private help is expensive and the psychologists and social workers in the public systems are difficult to access. Doctors report having too few options for patients who need therapy but don’t have the money or employee insurance to pay for it. And even READ MORE

9 Things People With Mental Illness Want Their Bosses To Know 09/19/2016 Because mental health matters at work, too. Everyone dreads going into work sometimes. But for those with a mental health disorder, that feeling is more than just a run-of-the-mill case of “the Mondays.” Mental illness affects nearly one in five American adults in a given year. It brings about physical and emotional symptoms, READ MORE

Therapeutic Massage For Anxiety: How Touch Therapy Improves Mental Health By Lecia Bushak A massage is often a luxury, but new research into its health benefits suggests it’s a luxury that’s certainly worth the cost and time. A new study finds that massages may actually help treat anxiety and other mental health disorders, like depression, due to their ability to reduce cortisol and anxiety READ MORE

From ketamine to cupboard therapy: the future of mental health treatment With big pharma short on solutions, we talk to people pioneering new ways to beat conditions including anxiety, depression and schizophrenia Once upon a time, the future of mental health treatment was drugs. The advent of Prozac and whole class of similar medication in the 1990s gave doctors an easy option and big pharma easy READ MORE

Mental-health apps work Therapy apps have been coming ever since the invention of the smart phone. Really, since the Internet age began, so it’s been simply a matter of time before we figured out how to do mental-health care online. Today, there are a growing number of apps and websites offering various forms of therapy for mental-health issues. READ MORE

Can exercise cure depression and anxiety? By Amanda Loudin At the age of 16, Heather Troupe received a diagnosis of chronic severe depression and a prescription for an antidepressant. Eight years and 20 pounds later, she was sleeping poorly, felt a lot of anxiety and had lost her therapist because of insurance complications. Looking to “fix herself,” as Troupe, of READ MORE

Ottawa-led breakthrough could hold key to ‘holy grail’ of depression research Ground-breaking research could lead to personalized therapy for bipolar sufferers By Stu Mills, CBC News New research published today unlocks some of the mysteries of bipolar disorder and could lead to effective therapy for those suffering from the illness, the Ottawa-based researcher who led the study says. Bipolar disorder is a debilitating mental illness that affects more than READ MORE