Cannabis Helpful for Drug Addiction, Mental Health Disorders? Pauline Anderson Preliminary evidence suggests cannabis may be useful in the treatment of substance use disorders, possibly serving as an effective, but less harmful, substitute for pharmaceutical and recreational drugs, with more acceptable side effects. However, at least one expert is sceptical. A new review suggests that rather than acting as a “gateway” to READ MORE

How to find a good app for mental health Search for “stress”, “depression”, “anxiety”, or “mental health” in the app store on your mobile device and you are confronted with a bewildering array of options. Some apps claim to track your mood over time, while others claim to “cure” your mental ill health with hypnosis. Apps hold amazing potential as mental health and READ MORE

Mental illness afflicts about 20% of Canadians, gets 7% of health funding Mental health advocates are urging the federal government to make mental illness a priority in a new health accord with the provinces and territories. OTTAWA—The Trudeau government is being urged to make mental health a top priority as it negotiates a new health accord with the provinces and territories. Dr. Catherine Zahn, president of READ MORE

Anxiety and depression cost the Canadian economy almost $50 billion a year By Nicole Mortillaro Mental health is costing the Canadian economy billions of dollars, according to a report by the Conference Board of Canada. The board found that depression cost $32.3 billion in lost gross domestic product. Anxiety cost $17.3 billion a year. The research concluded that almost one-quarter of Canadians are unable to work READ MORE

New Royal Ottawa program to tackle addictions and mental health disorders Blair Crawford Finding treatment can mean a cruel choice for those who need help with both mental illness and addiction. “We put them in a bind,” says Dr. Raj Bhatla, chief of psychiatry at The Royal Ottawa Hospital. “They have to make a choice. Do they get treatment for, say, their anxiety disorder, then for READ MORE

B.C. patients launch court challenge over forced psychiatric treatments

VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail Sept. 13, 2016 Two people who were forced to receive injection medications and electroconvulsive therapy while involuntarily detained for mental-health reasons are challenging the constitutional validity of forced psychiatric treatments. Under British Columbia’s Mental Health Act, a person who is involuntarily detained is deemed to consent to all psychiatric treatment authorized READ MORE

The Importance Of Precision Medicine In Mental Health Tori Utley A one-size-fits-all approach to mental health treatment does not exist – it never has, and it most likely never will. Humans are undeniably complex, both psychologically and physiologically, so it makes sense that we require different regimens in life – in the therapies that work, the wellness strategies we use, and certainly READ MORE

Deadly disorder: Why is chronic anorexia so hard to treat? Up to 20 per cent of people who develop anorexia will have chronic course, with distinct treatment challenges and high mortality rates The dizzying combination of side effects hit Lisa Sheinfeld like clockwork. Two hours after she’d taken her usual amount of laxatives on an autumn afternoon last year, the 42-year-old Thornhill mother of READ MORE

Margaret Trudeau enthuses about her life and advocacy for mental wellness at Regina talk ‘Every day I wake up happy,’ Margaret Trudeau says Margaret Trudeau, an engaging author and public speaker, visited Regina Thursday, where she spoke enthusiastically about the new priorities in her life: her grandchildren. “You’ve got these darlings,” Trudeau said, fondly talking about the youngest generation of a familiar Canadian family. Among their best qualities, READ MORE

Power of Positive Thinking Skews Mindfulness Studies Trials of mindfulness to improve mental health selectively report positive results By Anna Nowogrodzki, Nature magazine on April 21, 2016 There’s a little too much wishful thinking about mindfulness, and it is skewing how researchers report their studies of the technique. Researchers at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, analysed 124 published trials of mindfulness READ MORE