November Forum

We are pleased to inform you that an application package is now available at the following address for eligible youth interested in participating in a one-day Forum taking place in November 2016. The Forum is part of The Government of Canada’s consultation process on planned accessibility legislation and youth between the ages of 15-30 with READ MORE

Seeking better mental health transitions for youth By Don Fraser, St. Catharines Standard Mental health challenges are daunting for young people. Depression, self-harm and emotional disturbances can require constant professional help to ensure children, and their families, are safe and that a healing plan is in place. These issues won’t necessarily resolve themselves when a child becomes an adult, and needs READ MORE

The Spectator’s View: Our youth need help. We need to do better An apparent spike in mental health issues in teens in Hamilton is an alarming problem, one that not only threatens the lives of our youth, but the future prosperity of our city. As The Spectator’s Joanna Frketich reported, police calls for teens with mental health issues are rapidly rising, with police now responding to READ MORE