The Importance of Stillness and Quiet

My teacher, Guruprem,  has always stressed the importance of getting in touch with “the subtle”.  He used to say that we want to connect with and be thrilled by it.  The stiller and quieter I get, the more I realize that the thrill of the subtle is where it’s at.  

The real action is in stillness and quiet.  It’s where I gather my strength and develop my capacity to perceive.  My awareness heightens and my nervous system tingles.  My life is given more depth and meaning by this practice of becoming still.  

I encourage you to take a moment today and go to a quiet place outdoors that has some meaning for you.  If you do not have such a place, please explore and find one.  Then be still and quiet for 5 minutes. Eyes open or closed, just be.  Start to perceive whatever you perceive.  This practice brings joy.

Enjoy this short video I took when I was up in Portland, OR this week.  May it inspire you to move toward what only stillness and quiet can bring you.

Sending Love and Peace,

Tommy Rosen

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