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Purpose of the NNMH Member’s Forum

We believe networking to be based on the principles of inclusion and informed choice and we respect each person’s individuality as we work together to find “common ground.” This website is dedicated to the spirit of those who work towards recovery and self-determination. . The NNMH focuses on inclusion of people who have mental illness/issues.

Terms and Conditions

By visiting the NNMH website, users agree to comply with the following terms:


The NNMH website is meant to be a forum whereby consumers/survivors of mental health services may access information and resources. NNMH is not responsible for the opinions expressed on the NNMH website.

Sharing of information on the website

NNMH will not distribute materials posted, sell, or give any identifiable information to any agencies/organizations/businesses, without the written permission of the author/owner.

Language and behaviour

Please abide by proper “netiquette.” Be careful about what you say about others and treat others with respect. Do not use expletives.

Medical Disclaimer

Information provided is not a substitute for professional care/advice. If you feel that you may need medical advice, please consult a qualified health care professional.

Right to limit submissions

Based on available space, and to ensure our site is an inviting, safe and friendly place for those with mental health issues, the NNMH reserves the right to limit submissions.


Although we will try to ensure that inappropriate materials are removed, the NNMH cannot accept any responsibility for the content of postings. Some participants may post website links in their messages. The NNMH is not responsible for the content on the websites associated with these links. The NNMH is not responsible for the alteration, deletion or loss of any postings. We strongly recommend that you create back-ups for any materials that you post to the discussion groups.

Links to other websites

The NNMH may provide links to external websites but doing so does not constitute or imply that we support the internal policies or principles of these sites. The NNMH does not control these sites, and cannot be held responsible for their content or function.


An authorization form must be signed which provides contact information where anyone that chooses to can contact the author/artist should they wish to utilize/copy/purchase any of the materials. NNMH role is not that of a broker.


Do not post information from a book, newsletter, website, newsgroup or any other publication which may be copyrighted, without express permission from the appropriate source. Please use links instead of quotes. All content on the NNMH website, including but not limited to text, graphics, button icons, databases and images, is the property of the NNMH and it is protected by copyright laws. The content of the website is provided for the user’s convenience and is intended as information only.

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