24th Annual General Membership Meeting Invite


NNMH 2015 – 2016




December 7th 2016

Time: 3pm est. 1pm pacific


Teleconference Call in: 1-866-218-3342, Participant Code: 241397


The NNMH Board and Staff invite you to attend the 24th Annual General Members Meeting. Please join us to be included as one of the diverse individuals that can serve as a unifying voice to speak out on issues, concerns, and needs in common for our community and the many voices who can’t speak!

The NNMH is committed to fostering, networks, developing partnerships, supporting inclusive collaboration, and maintaining mutually respectful alliances. Because we believe networking and capacity building to be based on the principles of inclusion and informed choice we respect each person’s individuality as we work together to find “common ground”.

The National Network for Mental Health (NNMH) is a unique national organization that is a federally incorporated charitable organization, and the only non-diagnostic mental health organization that is national in scope and service in Canada. Managed and operated by and for mental health consumer/survivors, (persons with lived experience,  psychiatric survivors or people with psychiatric conditions) the objectives of the NNMH are to advocate, and educate, to provide expertise and resources that benefit the pan national community of Canada.


Registration for the NNMH membership and AGM  can be done online at nnmh.ca

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