Alyssa Reid

Twenty-one year old Canadian pop singer, Alyssa Reid, recently graduated from her Brampton Ontario high school where she was a dedicated player on the girl’s rugby team and until recently she poured coffee part time at a local Tim Hortons to scrape together enough cash to buy her first car. The Edmonton Alberta native’s life however has been anything but conventional. With her family frequently picking up and moving around Alberta and ultimately migrating to Ontario, Alyssa has found herself having to repeatedly adapt to her new surroundings. Being frequently uprooted and forced to regularly make new friends, adapt to new schools and adjust to new teachers, finding a sense of stability was difficult for Alyssa growing up. Through it all, her music has been a constant source that she could rely on to see her through the rough patches.

In the fall of 2009, in a somewhat ironic twist of fate Alyssa was discovered by her record label through a Youtube performance that she posted of her own interpretation of the Justin Bieber hit “One Less Lonely Girl”, written from a girls perspective and re ‐titled “One More Lonely Boy”. This cleverly reworked song had already attracted over 200,000 Youtube hits and resulted in her signing with Wax Records. As has been highly touted in the media, Justin Beiber himself was also discovered via Youtube.

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