How to Create a Distraction Free Writing Room on Your Mac

Dean Wesley Smith has a separate computer for writing. Neil Gaiman writes his books longhand. Writers who write professionally all find their own way to block out the distractions of this world to get busy creating their own worlds. You don’t need ADHD to recognize that distractions cost you time and money. When I want READ MORE

New Buzzfeed article- 6 Things I Wish I’d Heard as a Bipolar Teenager

Bipolar isn’t the whole story of my life and definitely not my teens, where I started to become ill but was mostly unable to cope under the psychic pressure that teenagehood is, a stew of hormones, trauma, the Manic Street Preachers and very shitty make up.  It was a pretty lonely, pretty frightening time, pretty READ MORE

Tips for How to Parent with Bipolar Disorder

Katie Perttunen is a bipolar mom and writer and she writes today’s piece. Considering how people have been crucifying me over my decision to not get pregnant, in large part, because of bipolar disorder, I thought this would be a good time to share some tips on how to parent with bipolar disorder; because, while I don’t plan READ MORE

Baby of Truehope Believers Dies, Likely Due to Lack of Medical Care

A baby of Truehope believers died of meningitis likely because they chose to use alternative remedies instead of actual medicine to treat their son. No one can say, of course, whether the baby would have lived with proper care, but what we can say is that without it, he died. The parents of the baby READ MORE

Bipolar Disorder and Pregnancy: Bipolar Taking Away Choice

On the topic of pregnancy and bipolar disorder, I have said before, I would choose not to have children because of bipolar disorder. I’m not saying this is what every woman with bipolar disorder would choose, I’m saying that with my particular brand of bipolar, with my particular situation, with my inability to live off READ MORE

The Difference between Being Suicidal and Wanting to Die

I believe that being suicidal is not the same thing as simply wanting to die. Of course, if you’re suicidal, you do want to die (or, more specifically, to end your pain through death) but, if you simply want to die, you may not be actively suicidal. Please understand that wanting to die and being READ MORE