Our funding is reduced, please help us stay viable

We hope that your 2014 is a peaceful and healthy one.  We also hope that you are keeping warm as large parts of the country are experiencing one of the coldest and snowiest winters that we’ve seen in quite some time!

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 Having more members helps ensure that we all will continue to have a national voice.  Sign up for Voting Membership, which is free to people with lived experience of mental health issues.   http://nnmh.ca/members/membership-application/.

On April 1st, our funding from Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRDC) is reduced by more than 90% from 3 years ago.  We’ve made dramatic reductions in costs (our Executive Director is part-time, and we have no offices) but we are still more reliant on your kind donations than ever before.  Now more then ever, your $20 donation will make a significant difference!  http://nnmh.ca/how-you-can-help/donate/

We have been busily preparing applications for funding, but unfortunately our grant applications to government for cash support have been declined. We have received some funded consulting from the HRSDC and we’re not giving up.   We’re now looking for funds from corporations and private funders since government funding is not plentiful.

Help ensure “nothing about us without us” by subscribing or joining or donating (or all three!). Support the NNMH so we can continue to  provide a “listening ear” and “influencial voice” to key decision-makers on issues important to your recovery and ongoing mental health.

100% of our voting members have had mental health issues, including our Board and management and we are the only organization of its kind in Canada – a non-diagnosis-specific national organization.  Without the NNMH there will not be a national voice for persons with lived experience of mental health issues.

Your support is appreciated! 

If you have any suggestions or ideas, please let us know via Facebook or email ed@nnmh.ca.


Julie L. Flatt, National Executive Director

National Network for Mental Health

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