Becoming emotionally intelligent

Through my company I founded a movement called National Bare Day. This campaign is dedicated to empowering women to become more aware of how the media influences our emotional intelligence.  National Bare Day campaign allows women to join together to celebrate their self-acceptance around topics of discussion such as wealth consciousness, self-image, motherhood, spirituality/wellness, sex, love and relationships.  Our primary focus for these discussions is to aid women in becoming conscious of how their  thoughts affect their behavior and being more mindful of the media influences in our everyday lives.
Why I founded this campaign is because I have now seen the importance of why becoming emotionally intelligent in all aspects of our lives is vitally necessary to live a life of passion and purpose.   This movement is dear to me because many people suffer in silence as I did as a child.  I grew up in a home where I witnessed a lot of graphic violence against my mother.  By age seven, I was sexually abused off and on by a family member and then at age nine by a family friend that continued to sexually abuse me until my tweens.  When I was 15, I had to have my dad arrested because I couldn’t take the graphic violence anymore.  Children who grow up in homes that are abusive know what I mean, when I make the statement “walking on eggshells.”  You never know when, where, why , how or what will trigger an abuser.
Immediately, after the arrest,  I suffered a nervous breakdown, became severely depressed where I began  seeing a psychiatrist on a weekly basis.  Desperately, I want to tell many of you that I no longer battle with depression, PTSD and suicidal thoughts. Yet, it would be a grave untruth.  The reality is for most people who suffer with any emotional / mental condition is there is no cure.  There are only remedies.  I am being this honest with you to allot you the opportunity of owning your situation knowing someone who promotes, creates a campaign such as Bare Day is no different than you in the battle against these conditions.  I want to encourage all of you that you can still be powerful while working through a life-long process of overcoming abuse, depression and suicide.
There are so many aspects to my personal story I could share with all of you, yet the important message is don’t suffer in silence.   My family and friends never knew I was suffering with depression, suicide or being abused.
Becoming  emotionally intelligent for me has allowed me to evolve to a place  of sharing my story around mental health, suicide, self-image and self-acceptance.  My goal is to empower women and their families to be bold enough to be who they are unapologetically.
I want all of those willing to understand that National Bare Day Campaign live events or online is a JUDGMENT – FREE ZONE which allows those suffering in silence the opportunity to share their stories without judgment.  It’s important that we accept, understand and love ourselves enough to shatter the perceptions that we have been conditioned to believe about who we are.   My desire in sharing these truths about myself hopefully, will give you the ability to share your bare story, so you too can live a life of freedom the way you were created to be bold, bare and powerful.
Janét Aizenstros – Emotional Conquerer

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