It’s time to take pets seriously as mental illness support, say scientists FIONA MACDONALD Pets can provide incredible value to our lives, but a new study suggests that it’s time doctors and mental health services started considering them more seriously as a source of mental health support. The research shows that not only are pets great for our general wellbeing, they can also greatly help people READ MORE

THE TRUTH ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS These too-often-believed myths can be harmful to you and your loved ones. Find out the facts from experts and women so you can help fight stigma and stay well.​ When Annie Powell, 35, was in the midst of a 72-hour manic episode in February 2013, she felt like Superwoman: productive and energetic. “I went READ MORE

Margaret Trudeau enthuses about her life and advocacy for mental wellness at Regina talk ‘Every day I wake up happy,’ Margaret Trudeau says Margaret Trudeau, an engaging author and public speaker, visited Regina Thursday, where she spoke enthusiastically about the new priorities in her life: her grandchildren. “You’ve got these darlings,” Trudeau said, fondly talking about the youngest generation of a familiar Canadian family. Among their best qualities, READ MORE

Ottawa-led breakthrough could hold key to ‘holy grail’ of depression research Ground-breaking research could lead to personalized therapy for bipolar sufferers By Stu Mills, CBC News New research published today unlocks some of the mysteries of bipolar disorder and could lead to effective therapy for those suffering from the illness, the Ottawa-based researcher who led the study says. Bipolar disorder is a debilitating mental illness that affects more than READ MORE

Margaret Trudeau will speak at Interim Place’s gala in Brampton Mental health advocate Margaret Trudeau – mother of PM Justin, ex-wife of PM Pierre – will deliver the keynote address at Interim Place’s upcoming fundraiser. Diagnosed with bipolar disease herself, she is well-known as a strong champion for helping to remove the social stigma that tends to accompany the label. “She experienced mental health READ MORE

Author of The Book of Negroes Lawrence Hill says its time to lose the shame about mental illness It’s time society “lost the shame” associated with mental illness, says one of Canada’s leading authors. Lawrence Hill, author of The Book of Negroes and other acclaimed works, was in London Friday to speak at Huron University College and to mental health experts and donors at a private fundraiser for London Health Sciences Foundation. READ MORE

13 Inherited Traits Linked To Severe Bipolar Disorder

From Researchers have identified 13 inherited traits linked to severe bipolar disorder, including issues with sleep, wake and cycle activities. Causes of bipolar disorder (BP) are believed to be linked to both genetic and environmental factors that contribute to the problem–resulting in dramatic mood shits, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Previous studies READ MORE