I Can’t Have Bipolar – I’m High-Functioning, I Have a Job

I started thinking about alcoholism the other day because of some stuff going on with a friend and I started to think about how high-functioning people often don’t consider themselves alcoholics because they’re high-functioning. How can I be an alcoholic; I have a job? A family. A wife. Friends. Money. A house. And so on… READ MORE

I Have Bipolar Depression – Should I Take an Antidepressant?

Would you like the short answer or the long answer? In short, if you have bipolar disorder, no, you shouldn’t be taking an antidepressant – even if you’re depressed – in many, if not most, cases. The long answer is, naturally, more complicated. via Bipolar Burble Blog | Natasha Tracy http://ift.tt/1jmQRhm READ MORE

Not Every Emotion is a Bipolar Emotion

Sometimes I’m Just Mad As I have stated, over and over, that to experience bipolar disorder is to experience such inflated emotions that they swallow you whole. Bipolar emotions are bigger than you and the particularly nasty ones are bigger than any therapy or coping skill could ever be. However, not every emotion is a READ MORE

How to Practice Bipolar Coping Skills

Recently I have been talking about bipolar coping skills. Really, I talk about bipolar coping skills all the time. Recently, though, there have been two: Using logic to deal with bipolar emotions Breaking bipolar emotional chains In both cases, I argue that these techniques can help you in your everyday life. These coping skills are READ MORE

Preliminary Evidence for EMPowerplus/TrueHope in ADHD Treatment

Those of you who follow me know that I’m not a big fan of TrueHope/EMPowerplus, in spite of having tried EMPowerplus myself. And one of the things I complained about is the lack of double-blind, controlled studies of the supplement. Well, one scientific study has now been published and I figured I should mention it READ MORE

The Value of Rest in Bipolar Disorder

I’ve been super stressed lately. I have so many deadlines and I’ve been working on so many projects and I have so many requests to process it’s unbelievable. And, in clear Natasha fashion, many of these things were left to the last minute due to time constraints (and admitted procrastination). Oh, and it was my READ MORE