CUMIS funds mental health at the Joseph Brant Hospital

The Credit Union Members Insurance Society (CUMIS) has given $100,000 to fund a mental health project at the Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington, Ontario.

The donation from CUMIS will be put towards a two-year pilot program at the hospital’s emergency department and in-patient mental health services. The program will give patients access to one-on-one support from a specialist who has experience in mental health or addiction services. CUMIS points out that studies conducted by both national and provincial health associations have identified peer support as a priority, as it provides benefits in both recovery and harm reduction for those who suffer from mental illness and addictions.

Improved support services

“This program is about improving mental health and well-being for everyone, and continuing to build on the mental health support system in our community,” says Bob Hague, president of credit union distribution at CUMIS. “As a co-operative, an employer and a group benefits provider, we see a strong need for improved support services for those with mental health challenges in our community and communities across Canada.”


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