Disability advocates applaud federal pandemic aid, but say payment should be higher

Source: cbc.ca

A one time payment of up to $600 will be sent to those who are eligible, at the end of October

As a disabled person, Murielle Pitre has dealt with extra costs throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

“You have like increased fees, deliveries and deliveries for food, the price of food is going up. I mean you’re not going out so you can’t seek out the bargains as much as you used to,” she said.

Pitre is also the director of communications for the New Brunswick Coalition of People with Disabilities.

She’s heard from many people who are paying more for everything from transportation to personal care.

“I believe some had to hire maybe privately. You don’t want people who go to 5 houses coming to your house if you have an immune disorder so it hasn’t been easy for those people,” Pitre said.

On Oct. 30, people with disabilities will receive a onetime payment of up to $600 from the federal government to help with the extra expenses. It was first announced back in June.

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