Five simple ways to improve your mental health

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New Delhi: A good health means you are fit both physically and mentally. But we often tend to neglect our mental health in front of our physical health.

It is very important to take care of your mental health as to function well in the daily life. One can maintain a healthy mind by making simple changes in their lifestyle.

Here are some ways to look after your mental health:

Maintain a regular routine

One should try and create a daily routine like waking up time to eating to sleeping for good mental health. Those who maintain a regular routine are found to be healthier both emotionally and physically.


It is very important to stay physically active for mental wellness as any form of exercises releases happy hormones. So, one should exercise regularly to maintain mental well-being.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy balanced meal consisting of more fruits and vegetables in your diet with brain-boosting foods like walnuts and spinach helps to maintain mental health.

Avoid gadgets

One can improve their mental health simply by avoid using gadgets as they are the biggest cause of distraction nowadays. Stop using your gadgets at least an hour before bedtime and even restrict it’s usage even during the day.

Stay active

Indulging yourself in some activities like figuring out puzzles, solving crosswords, reading newspapers will keep your brain active. It will also improve your memory as well as sharpen your learning skills.

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