Know What are the Warning Signs of Depression

Depression can be termed as the chronic stage of stress. You need to learn the symptoms of it to be able to deal with it in advance before it becomes a chronic disease. Depression may cause you to lose interests or change feelings of doing something you used to do frequently.

The following are warning signs of depression:


This is a symptom that occurs in the beginning of depression whereby you find that you cannot control thinking of a certain situation. It affects your way of thinking hence causing headaches due to the pain or the loss you are experiencing and if not controlled early enough it causes depression. A stressed person does not like staying in a multitude of people and it is very difficult to find such a person smiling or laughing.

Low self-esteem

When one is depressed, they tend to lower their self-esteem and lose confidence. It is one of the majorsymptoms of depression that indicate the patient requires immediate medical attention. In case you are a parent and you notice that your child has changed, maybe she was playful and has stopped, or the child was so confident in the presence of the others and now she/he just want to stay alone. Take caution and seek a psychiatrist help to prevent depression.


This is another great symptom of depression where you find that you cannot handle as much work as you used to do. You cannot hold on in a meeting for more than 2 hours since you feel out of place and unwanted. In other cases, you feel that being advised is a form of intimidation or lack of respect, since you feel that you can make your own decisions.


Among all other signs of depression, this is in the top list since due to too much thinking you cannot easily find sleep. You find that the longest you can sleep in a night is 1 hour whereby you were just hallucinating. This indicates how deep depression has developed in your system. Seek someone you can convene in to help you relieve all that is disturbing your mind this can be a great therapy before you seek medical advice.

Lack of appetite

It is symbolic to lack of peace and interest is what life holds for you. You find no taste in food and no feeling of hunger. This makes your body look malnourished, causing dry lips, and scary face. At this moment, you only need a friend or a family member to put in your mind that you are under depression. Do not hesitate to seek medical advice since chronic depression is dangerous, it can lead to death.

Sleeping too much

A depressed person has no room for waking up from sleep. You find it difficult and tiresome to open up your eyes or move from bed. Make an effort and seek medical attention if you experience this for more the 3 days. It is an early symptom of depression which when realized early can be of help. You will be put under medication and counseling whereby depression will be curbed easily.

Fatigue  and nausea

You find that there is a feeling of sickness that is not seizing. You experience frequent vomiting after you eat or drink anything. Seek medical attention for the doctor to determine whether you are suffering from depression since this is an early symptom of depression.

Stomach and back ache

Endless stomach and back pain symbolizes many health illnesses but you can be amazed that it is an indication that you are under chronic depression without knowing.


It is one of the symptoms of depression symbolizing that you are under chronic depression. This stage is dangerous since the patient can cause harm on other people hence need immediate medical attention.

Difficulties in breathing

It is a symptom of chronic depression indicating that the patient needs strict medical attention. Make sure that the breathing problem is administered first before the patient undergoes medical counseling to avoid heart attack and death.


Depressions patients symbolize poor decision making even in very serious situations hence need to be given a break from work to avoid messing up.

Suicidal thoughts

This is among the top list symptoms of depression where you think of committing suicide to end the life of depression.

Sexual dysfunction

It mostly affects men. This entails lacking interests of having sex. It is one of the major sign of depression which, if not handled properly it may lead to broken relationships.

Substance abuse

This involves taking substance abuse thinking that it will wipe away depression. These substances do not reduce depression rather increases problems to your body.


The above are major symptoms of depression which you may experience. Depression is curable through medication and counseling. On spotting some signs, it is important to seek medical attention immediately.

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