London woman creates mental health coping kits


Kristin Legault has struggled with mental illness for many years.

She’s been in and out of hospital several times and has shared her mental health journey with CTV News over the years.

Now, Legault is taking her experiences and using them to help others who are faced with a mental health crisis. “I have personally felt as if people in the system don’t care and I wanted to make people feel valued.”

Legault came up with the idea of creating mental health coping kits for those who are struggling and in crisis. She was awarded a grant through Rising Youth, an organization that helps youth develop life skills by giving back to their communities, to help her create the kits.

“In these kits I’ve included a journal, a pen, a stuffed animal, play dough, stress ball,” says Legault. There are also colouring sheets, markers and a personalized card from Legault with an inspirational message.

“When you’re in crisis it can be really difficult to figure out how to cope so I hope by having a box with different coping items, they can try out what works for them and try out different options.”

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