Mason Jars

I’ve been raised to climb into mason jars

Folks poking holes in my tinted steel sky

Thinking their lessons will

Help me breathe easier.

Some find me suffocating in

Self-made crystal prisons

They lift me above their head

Dashing this transparent oppression at their feet

Impaling me with my own mistakes

Please. Don’t.


Grip the body of this perceived silence

Use the other to hold the barrier to the solution.


Use your force to carefully ease them away from each other

Mindful of the contents sealed between

It may take time, make sure you are twisting the right way

You will notice soon as it will either get easier

Or a lot harder

Don’t be embarrassed if you realize you started in the wrong direction.

Just change.

Understand that I have only breathed half-breaths

your oxygen may be offensive to me at first

My lungs will shudder, expand, louder

I will miss silences that you may have never known

and exhale pale echoes of things that only exist on the other side of the glass

Which vibrations will resonate within your frame of frequency? 


Mason Jars poem

via mindyourmind : reachout get help, give help

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