Mental Illness In Children: Three Warning Signs Your Child Needs Psychiatric Help

Parents are warranted to be concerned about the health of their children, especially their child’s mental condition. Some children can already show signs that they need help for their mental health at a very early age. Hence, others could take some time before they can be seen. The question is when should a parent consult the help of a child psychiatrist?

Here are some of the things that you should look at before you consider an appointment with a child psychologist:

1. Anxiety: In an article published by, one of the reasons a parent should need the help of a child psychiatrist is when they are showing signs of having anxiety. Any form of anxiety must need immediate action from a mental health professional in order for them to prevent other mental disorders like depression, eating disorders and bipolar — just to name a few. Children who are experiencing extreme stress at home and at school need a child psychiatrist to keep up with their workloads and maintain their mental health in good condition.

2. Check With The School Counselor: It is also advisable to get the help of a child psychiatrist based on the observation that you could get from your child’s school counselor, immediate class adviser or clinical social worker. It is important that you cooperate with them as they are able to tell you exactly what they think of your child’s behavior when you are not around.

3. Child’s Behavioral Time Span: Child Mind Institute also reported some tips on when to consult a child therapist and one of them is if you have observed some unusual behavior from your child and if it has been going on for days or months. If you noticed a problem that just lasts for a short time, then it probably is a not a big deal. But if it has been going on for a long time, then don’t think twice, especially on getting some professional help like seeing a child psychiatrist.

These simple tips would help parents determine if it is about time consult a child psychiatrist.


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