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One year later, Get Real NationWide Youth Participants continue to make a difference! MuchTalks of MuchMusic, in partnership with the Mental Health Commission of Canada has released a series of PSAs placing the spotlight on youth mental health. In an effort to ‘get it right’ MuchMusic reached out to mindyourmind, the New Mentality and other community stakeholders to help create these video segments and shape the message. We are delighted that youth participants at The New Mentality and mindyourmind were able contribute and share their stories. Their voices will surely resonate with youth all across the country.

In hopes of reducing stigma and encouraging young people to seek help, mindyourmind youth volunteers created the tag line used in the videos, “reach out, get help, give help”, at the program’s inception back in 2004. MuchMusic has created 4 short Public Service Announcement videos focused on increasing awareness and encouraging peer to peer support. The message is clear. Friends matter. And these videos go a long way in reinforcing that message, one that mindyourmind continues to broadcast through its website and various channels.

Get Real NationWide, mindyourmind’s nationwide anti stigma initiative, brought together 11 youth from across the country to create print and web based materials aimed at encouraging youth to reach out, get help and give help. Their work continues to inspire others. With 1 in 5 Canadian youth struggling with mental health issues, these videos shed light on topics that can no longer be ignored. Special thanks to the Get Real NationWide participants for their creative contributions. Your work continues to make a difference.

Check out MuchMusic’s micro site to also find Questions & Answers about mental health here.

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