Music saved my life

Music is one of the most important things in my life.  It has gotten me through extremely difficult times.  It has inspired me to do so many different things, including writing.  I do not write, without music.  I can’t.  Music is my inspiration.  Whether the song, is the saddest, slowest song, if I can find inspiration, and/or relation within the song and its lyrics, I try and draw from it as much as I can. 

Music is more than just noise to me.  It’s a way to escape, a way to breathe when life, and the pain caused by mental illness can become unbearable. It’s a way to relax,  be nostalgic, and to reminisce.  It may seem ironic to some to listen to sad music when you’re sad.  But, it really does have a positive effect on you, I believe.  Personally, when I am down…  I turn to music right away.  And, I have playlists on my iTunes that I go to without even thinking twice.  Hundreds of songs that I have collected that just get me through personal challenges.  These songs help get me out of the traps that I am in, and they do so by the lyrics, and by the sound.  More often than not, though I may still be sad, I will feel different than I did after listening to music.  You feel, inspired, you feel, like… everything’s going to be OK.   Music is my crutch.  Music has saved my life. 

Some of the songs and artists that I have in my “chill” playlists…though hundreds, to highlight….I enjoy listening to everything, from classic rock, alternative, heavy rock to hip-hop, rap and country.   Here are some of the artists from a bit of everything that I find myself listening to often, and finding inspiration in their sound, and their lyrics.  In addition to listening to these artists, I love live music.  I will watch hours upon hours of concerts on QELLO TV, and will download any live album I find.

  1. Matthew Good (Band)
    (My all time favorite, I’ve seen MG a dozen times live.  MG has gone through the same sort of pain a lot of us have gone through, and he shares his stories through his songs.)
  2. City & Color
  3. The Color Morale
    (TCM is a band I came across just last year.  They have quite a heavy rock sound, but their lyrics are just amazing.  Often, about fighting depression, and getting better.  Even if you don’t like the sound, I seriously recommend just listening to the lyrics.  Garret Rapp has an amazing voice).
  4. Nirvana & Foo Fighters
    (Dave Grohl, is just an inspiration).
  5. Brand New
  6. Dave Matthews Band
  7. Elton John
  8. Macklemore
  9. Misery Signals
  10. Something Corporate
  11. Eric Church

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