Self care & recovery plan

This is something I’m doing for myself this weekend. I decided that simply having a “self-care plan” in my head and making a few vague written notes was not enough. I wanted a template. A template to record my plan and to help stimulate creative thinking on it.

I’ve literally thrown this together in the space of a few hours today. I’d say it’s Version 1.0 of this project. Every now and then I’ll come back with updates or something I think is easier to follow, and/or easier on the eye! For now, this is it. In all its glory :-)

These are the templates and these are my thoughts behind them. Please make sure you click to open all the attachments :-)

Life areas to aid self-care & recovery (might be worth reading the below before you open!)

This will seem a bit “wild” on the eye when you open it and a bit chaotic. It’s actually like that for a reason. Consider this as a way of “brainstorming” ideas for self-care and recovery. A collection of words really. Some mean the same thing, just using a different word. This is intentional. Different people use different words meaning the same thing. I just wanted to encourage me/you to think of areas of your life that you want to focus on. This list is not exhaustive. I’ve probably left off some important things. I had to end it somewhere though! Feel free to add “life areas” and I’d love your feedback if you do add life areas. Some of these suggestions are ‘positive’ and some are ‘negative’. Again, that’s intentional. Just to get you thinking!

I settled on five different aspects of life. These were the five areas I could relate to most. For me it’s almost impossible to not pay attention to all of the five areas in order to look after your life. I went for Wellbeing, Self-Care, Physical Environment, Resources and Responsibilities. 

A note on Resources:  I’ve included external resources (that you acquire, access or seek out) and internal resources within yourself :-)

The other three forms lead on from the above. You can pick any of the life areas (you don’t have to pick one from each of the five different aspects of life). You can pick just one life area out of the 50 or so listed, or you can pick a good few. The idea is you pick the life areas you want to develop or tackle. It’s your self-care & recovery plan.

You can use any one of the three forms, or all of them. Whatever you find you can relate to most. For me personally I will use two of them. Either form 1.0 or 2.0 AND form 3.0. That’s because form 3.0 allows for more depth and reflection.

Self care & Recovery plan 1.0

Self care & Recovery plan 2.0

Self care & Recovery plan 3.0

While I’ve got your attention, you might also find the following self-help forms of mine useful to supplement your Self-Care & Recovery Plan :-)

Pleasure & Achievement List

Activity Scheduling

Positive Data Log

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