‘It was a big dirty secret’: Suicide attempt survivor, 28, shares her struggle of dealing with a mental illness

dailymail.co.uk By LAUREN INGRAM FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA Stefani Caminiti is like many young women her age: she’s studying, working, and planning her wedding to her fiance. She also has, like more than four million Australians, been diagnosed with a mental illness or behavioural problem. The 28-year-old from Perth has lived with depression and anxiety READ MORE

Tackling mental health in the workplace

thespec.com By Natalie Paddon A janitor at a Hannon North facility opts to break up his workday into chunks. He’ll clean for an hour or so at the plaza that houses the headquarters for the Rainbow’s End Community Development Corporation, before taking a break to put on some coffee and read the newspaper. It’s not READ MORE

Are you a workaholic? You might be more likely to suffer from OCD, anxiety and depression

http://globalnews.ca/ By Nicole Bogart If you are guilty of putting in extra hours at the office, compulsively checking your work email, or allowing your life to constantly revolve around work, you may be more likely to suffer from psychiatric disorders like depression, according to a new study. READ MORE

Anxiety and depression cost the Canadian economy almost $50 billion a year

http://globalnews.ca/ By Nicole Mortillaro Mental health is costing the Canadian economy billions of dollars, according to a report by the Conference Board of Canada. The board found that depression cost $32.3 billion in lost gross domestic product. Anxiety cost $17.3 billion a year. The research concluded that almost one-quarter of Canadians are unable to work READ MORE

Depression Isn’t A Personality Flaw

huffingtonpost.ca Ashleigh-Rae Thomas Have you read a story about a student who, despite all odds and adversity, overcame their situations and excelled in school? Or watched a clip about a young adult who has their entire life figured out before they’ve even graduated? Has it left you thinking ‘why can’t I just do that?’ Here’s READ MORE


nowtoronto.com BY SEAN MINOGUE The arduous decade between moving out and moving up in life can feature the onset or intensification of mental health issues like anxiety, depression, eating disorders and addiction, as well as many other unwanted behaviours or patterns of thought. Millennials are caught between pressures to get ahead and live well – but READ MORE

Mental illness costs the Canadian economy $50 billion a year, says report

cantechletter.com A new report from the Conference Board of Canada finds that depression and anxiety cost the Canadian workforce an estimated $50 billion a year in lost productivity, a result which researchers see as a wake-up call to employers who need to become more proactive in dealing with their employees’ mental health. “A large proportion READ MORE

One-in-10 post-secondary students face unwanted advances, assaults: survey

ctvnews.ca A new survey of Canadian university and college students finds many have struggled with mental health issues, while a disturbing number have also faced unwanted sexual advances and assaults. The findings come from the National College Health Assessment survey, a self-reported, online survey that received responses from more than 43,000 students from over 41 READ MORE

Most Depressed Adults in the U.S. Remain Untreated

http://www.scientificamerican.com/ By Will Boggs MD Only 28.7% of those who screened positive for depression received any treatment during the survey year NEW YORK (Reuters Health) – Most adults in the U.S. who screen positive for depression are not being treated for depression, according to results from Medical Expenditure Panel Surveys (MEPS). “With the recent increase READ MORE

Therapeutic Massage For Anxiety: How Touch Therapy Improves Mental Health

medicaldaily.com By Lecia Bushak A massage is often a luxury, but new research into its health benefits suggests it’s a luxury that’s certainly worth the cost and time. A new study finds that massages may actually help treat anxiety and other mental health disorders, like depression, due to their ability to reduce cortisol and anxiety READ MORE