Addiction and Mental Illness

By Anita Levesque On September 12, 2016, I went to listen to former NHLer Clint Malarchuk speak for the World Suicide Prevention Day.  He touched on his medication and drinking, how he mixed the two and how it affected his mental illness, himself, his family and his suicidal thoughts. I do know, from personal experience READ MORE

B.C. patients launch court challenge over forced psychiatric treatments

VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail Sept. 13, 2016 Two people who were forced to receive injection medications and electroconvulsive therapy while involuntarily detained for mental-health reasons are challenging the constitutional validity of forced psychiatric treatments. Under British Columbia’s Mental Health Act, a person who is involuntarily detained is deemed to consent to all psychiatric treatment authorized READ MORE

From ketamine to cupboard therapy: the future of mental health treatment With big pharma short on solutions, we talk to people pioneering new ways to beat conditions including anxiety, depression and schizophrenia Once upon a time, the future of mental health treatment was drugs. The advent of Prozac and whole class of similar medication in the 1990s gave doctors an easy option and big pharma easy READ MORE

A New Look at Mental Disorders by Robert Gallon, PhD Although I’ve written a long book focused on mental disorders, I don’t really believe in them. At least, I don’t believe that mental disorders are quasi-diseases that cause people’s problems and that doctors can diagnose. Nor are mental disorders discrete biological abnormalities like chemical imbalances that can be cured by READ MORE

New Mental Health Walk-In Clinics are Much Needed for Toronto’s Youth Mental health care for youth has been historically hard to access. CAMH is changing that. BY JEAN BOAMPONG For years, young Torontonians have not had the means to easily access mental health care. At schools, there are often long wait lists just to be assessed. Services can be costly and out of reach for READ MORE

Living with mental illness: Meeting a psychiatrist for the first time No more than meeting a therapist for the first time, meeting a psychiatrist can seem overwhelmingly daunting, not least because we’re conditioned to believe a number of things about psychiatry: It’s only for crazy people All they’ll do is prescribe drugs They’re in league with big pharma They’re quacks And on and on it READ MORE

Anxiety and depression: Habits or mental illness? Most people consider anxiety and depression to be forms of mental illness. When you think of an illness, what comes to mind? Disease? Virus? Infection? Something you catch, right? And if you’re “infected,” then you’re a victim of a nefarious agent. But by definition, a victim is someone who is powerless. You are NOT READ MORE

Bullied Children Need Support Not Anti-Depressants, Mental Health Campaigner Warns Schools need to tackle the root causes of bullying instead Children are being wrongly prescribed anti-depressants as a result of being bullied, a leading mental health campaigner has said. The Department for Education‘s mental health advisor, Natasha Devon, said kids need support from bullying, rather than being prescribed medication. “If a child is being READ MORE