Cards Against Harassment

Adrienne. life experience and conflict. Society Today. “Making unwanted comments about my body is harassment”. This is the main message that Lindsay – front woman of the new Card Against Harassment initiative – is attempting to send to men on the streets of Minneapolis. Most of Lindsay’s card recipients are surprised and insinuate that they only READ MORE

Global event focusing on the positive impact of youth

youth, youth team and stigma. “Part of the Mindyourmind mission is that youth are experts in their own experience, “Stephenson said. “That ties in with International Youth Day because we are asking young people to facilitate, or co-facilitate, workshops based on their own experiences or skills.” Global event focusing on the positive impact of READ MORE

Suicide prevention resource

Sophia Briard. getting help, crisis, suicide, stigma, awareness, prevention, wellness, youth, coping, self care and research. Announcements and Mental Health & Coping. The Ontario Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health, in partnership with a wide range of stakeholders from across the province, recently launched Together to live / Vivons, ensemble as part of the READ MORE

The blame game

Deana. behaviour, avoidance, denial, stigma, awareness, getting help and waiting lists. Mental Health & Coping, Stigma Reduction and Society Today. On Friday, July 25th a passenger on Sunwing Airlines flight 772 bound for Panama from Pearson Airport in Toronto forced the plane to return to the airport about 45 minutes into the flight because of his unruly READ MORE

Practicing being late

Christina. getting help, therapy, treatment, life experience, personal growth, relationship, family, wellness, self care and coping. Mental Health & Coping. My panic attacks were frequently about being late. Tardiness worried me to no end. Whether it was for work or friends or family, to be late was to be an awful person. But as Murphy’s READ MORE

Just let me feel sad already!!

Adrienne. depression, mood disorder, relationship, friendship, getting help, helping others, behaviour and acceptance. Mental Health & Coping. In high school, my friends were my rocks. They always understood the things I was going through (the best they could) and were there at the drop of a hat if I needed them. I’ll never forget the READ MORE

From one student to another…

Adrienne. life experience, post-secondary, transition, wellness, stress relief, coping, self care and personal growth. Mental Health & Coping and Society Today. Let’s face it – post secondary education can be just as stressful as it is fun. So, for those of you moving on from high school to a new chapter in your life, here READ MORE